Monday, May 3, 2010

Cityscape: Surveying the Urban Biotope

85-degree Sunday was a good day to pack my bag with a blanket, books, badminton & boyfriend :-) and head out to the park.

The day got even better when we found out that it was the opening day of "Cityscape: Surveying the Urban Biotope" The park was filled with art works exploring the presence of nature in the fabric of urban life.

Other than the art pieces, it was a gorgeous day to be in the park, bump into friends, and observe the:
- dogs, children and adults walking, playing and running around the park
- amazing concentration of the man doing tai chi
- ice cream truck luring everybody to get cold and yummy frozen goodies
- neso sound asleep oblivious of the dog licking his leg


May 2, 2010; Socrates Sculpture Park, LIC, NYC