Thursday, September 23, 2010

Linger on the Joyful Mysteries of Life

As we... have leisure to indulge our memories,
we should choose with care the memories we indulge...
They shape our moods.

If we are seduced into ...
sore memories, resentments and grievances,
then people will avoid us.

The world is hard enough
without doses of other people’s gloom to darken it.

But we can lift our own and others’ moods
if we linger on the joyful mysteries of our life,
on the people we love
and the experiences that we feel as blessings.

We don’t want to bore our friends
with complacency or boastfulness.

Gratitude for God’s gifts is different.
It is one of the basic themes
of any mature spirituality,
and it makes us easy to live with.



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