Friday, February 12, 2010


"I count myselt in nothing else so happy
As in a soul rememb'ring my good friends."
- William Shakespeare
"I love having those friends where years could pass, and it's as if you saw them just the day before. " 

AMZ posted this on facebook after our impromptu dinner date.

 Everyday, we get so caught up with the motions and demands of our own lives that if we do not make an effort, it would be so difficult to stay connected with friends, especially those whom we are not in contact with on a daily basis. Days, weeks, months and years can go by without us being connected with these people. Yet, despite time, distance and different circumstances, there are friends who you rarely see, but when you do, it feels like you were just together the day before. 

This was the case for AMZ and me today. Though we live in the same city, we had not seen each other for two years. Yes, we send instant messages here and there, but nothing can still compare to the quality and experience of the face-to-face conversation we had tonight over dinner. There's nothing like good conversation over  good food with good company. (Flo Lounge Restarant was a great choice, A  :>)

Today, I've had the chance to reconnect with a few more of my friends.

There's LD  with whom I shared a spirited phone conversation tonight. It was nice to reminisce about the past, talk about how we learn from them and how we gain 'wisdom' and more character over time, and sure, throw out some 'what-ifs' too...

Then there's always TN who I consider my kindred spirit. I continue to admire her and be inspired by her.

And of course, there's ever loyal and strong-hearted AO who has been my best friend since high school.

There are so many more special people who I will write about later. You know who you are. 

Here's to the special people in my life who remind me of the kind of friendship that transcends time and space. Thank you for the gift of your wonderful friendship.

*FRIENDSHIP - of Germanic origin, and related to the Old English fréond with the same meaning, and the Old Teutonic frijôjan, to love.


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